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   Question How loud is your exhaust system? Are your exhaust systems 50-State Street Legal?

   Answer There are too many variables that effect the decibel rating of your vehicle. Things such as modifications, condition of the motor, headers, catalytic converter conditions, elevation, temperature, intake system and many other small things can effect the decibel rating of your vehicle; because of this, we cannot give any documentation or a stated rating of the exhaust systems. Technically there is no such thing as a "Street Legal" exhaust; the laws state that you are not allowed to replace your exhaust with any system that has dimensions other than what came on the car.

Meaning if your car had 2" piping then it must retain 2" piping and have the same amount of resonators and same type of muffler and exhaust tip. So no matter what, no exhaust is truly "Street Legal".

For California residents, please refer to our TECH section for more information. For residents of the other 49 states, please check local vehicle codes for more information.
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