FAQ: Are my struts/shocks blown? Can they be rebuilt? Revalved?


My coil-overs are blown, can they be replaced?  Can they be rebuilt?  Can they be revalved?
Thanks for your help in advance!

-Concerned Customer




Here at Megan Racing, we know that shocks are a wear and tear item.  But do you?  As a customer, a potential owner (or if you already are an owner) of a Megan Racing coil-over damper kit, whether it be the EZ STREET SERIES, STREET SERIES, TRACK SERIES, STREET-LP SERIES, EURO SERIES or SPEC-RS line up, you should already know that one of the main benefits of a coil-over assembly is that the pieces can each be individually replaced.  Didn't already know that?  Well now you do!

Do you remember when you first busted out your keys because a knife or box-cutter was too far away from the package and you did not want to let your new coil-over damper kit out of your sight?  Seems like it was just yesterday, wasn't it?  No worries, we have all been there-- and who can resist receiving new things with excitement when you spent your hard-earned (hopefully) money?!  The fruits of your labor.  Most of the time, these coil-overs arrive on the door step, and sometimes to an open garage awaiting their arrival, and often times they touch nothing else in this world between the cardboard they are packaged in, to the shock towers and control arms of their respective vehicles, of which they will be controlling the suspension oscillations that are thrown at the vehicle from the ridiculously rough roads you will drive your car through, the speed bumps you may at times completely ignore, or the cracks and dips on the race track that you wish you could avoid, but clip anyway, just to try to shave off those extra tenths of a second from your lap time. 


Regardless of the intended purpose of your vehicle, the struts and shocks are wear and tear items and will wear out.  Do not expect them to last you the life of the vehicle unless you never drive the car and when you do, it is on 100% perfectly flat roads (never going to happen).  In fact, a shock absorber loses its efficiency after 50-60k miles on them, on average-- regardless of if we are talking about an OEM strut/shock or aftermarket.  With that said, the question of replacement, revalving, and rebuilding often comes up-- it is a very valid question, afterall.


So, with that said, struts and shocks are indeed wear and tear items.  In fact, even OEM suspension has a limited life-span.  Typically, their performance deteriorates as soon as 50-60k miles of use simply from the road qualities we experience stateside.  A majority of people do not change the shocks/struts despite this, but for an aftermarket coil-over setup where the springs are generally much stiffer than the original spring rates, a blown strut or shock would be that much more evident because the stronger struts/shocks on these aftermarket coil-overs do much more work than the original struts/shocks simply because they are utilized with heavier spring rates.


Let us first take a look at a typical coil-over assembly:




First of all, this particular coil-over assembly is a front passenger coil-over from a Honda Civic 2001-2005 EM2, part number MR-CDK-HC01.  Notice that each individual component can be disassembled, even down to the upper and lower bearings that go around the pillow ball mount.  Each and every piece can be purchased separately should the need arise-- from the lower bracket to the top 17mm nut or the damper adjustment knob.*

*Please refer to this link for more information about the damper force adjustment knob:


With that said, even the strut or shock (depending on your application) can be replaced.  Each strut or shock is available for purchase for replacement, but as always is limited to available inventory.  Please check with us regarding availability. 


Unfortunately, we do not offer revalve services, however the possibility of having them revalved by a third party race shop is not out of the question.  Usually if you are looking for a revalve, then you would know to source a race shop specifically with this type of experience anyway.  We've been notified that most Bilstein shim stacks can work with our internal components of our struts and shocks and fortunately most race shops that deal with revalving suspension will have these components, as well as fresh shock oil, available.  For custom revalves, this would be you ideal solution. 


We often get requests from customers asking for help in diagnosing their coil-overs and what needs to be done.  Online diagnosis is very difficult so pictures may often speak louder than written text.  Depending on the parties involved, of course, but this can be done and we are here to help answer any questions you may have about your suspension.  Just make sure to clean them well, as you should regardless to maintain their integrity, before sending photos.  For example, if you suspect a leaky shock, it is very easily distinguishable of the leak and where it arose from if the suspension area is generally clean.  However if your coil-overs look very grimy, we cannot pin point where the leak came from as there are many components within the wheel well area that can contribute to that issue.






Here are typical pricing for the replacement parts typically requested:

1) Struts/shock cartridges (bare-bones, cylinder body and piston) are $135 + s/t.  Exceptions include Spec RS replacements, which have their own pricing brackets.  Please contact us for more information.

2) Linear-rate, 62mm inner diameter Springs are sold in pairs at $115 + s/t.  Please check our application list for spring specification availability. 

3) Replacement pillow ball upper mounts are priced at $65 + s/t a piece.  Please be sure to check the condition of the upper and lower pillow ball bearings as well, checking for wear which usually results in metal shavings if the top nut is not properly tightened and then neglected.  The upper and lower pillow ball bearings are $10 +s/t a piece.

4) Lower brackets, front or rear, steel (for McPherson struts) or aluminum, are $75 + s/t a piece. $150 for spindle models

5) Top mounts, aka upper mounts, aka top hats are $95 + s/t each.

6) Replacement locking rings and spring seats are $15 + s/t each.

7) Bumpstops, which are 35mm in length and are available in polyurethane material or varying sizes in rubber bumpstops-- please contact us to check inventory-- are priced at $20 + s/t.

8) Dust boots (please specify if it is for a McPherson strut or not) are $15 + s/t.

9) All other miscellaneous replacement parts are priced around $5-$20 whether it be the ABS plastic rings/isolators*, replacement studs for the top hats or the nuts, the 17mm top locking nut (be it integrated with the upper bearing or the nylon lock nuts), or the damper adjustor knobs

10) A complete corner, a full coilover from the lower bracket to the top hat, may be special ordered as well.  These have a 2-3 month wait as it is a special order item, downpayment may be required as per sales department.  

Complete Corner Pricing:

EZ- $250

EZII- $275

Street- $300 ($375 if spindle model)

Track- $325 ($400 if spindle model)

RS- $425

Hi-Low Kits: $75

Endlinks: $55 (per pair)

Top Hat stud and nut. Always sold together. $5

Koyo Bearing/ Upper Spring Seat: $55

Top Nut: $5

Lower Pillow Ball Bearing: $5

Spanner Wrench set: $45

Brake Line Brackets (each): $25

Spring Seat Isolator (each): $5

Top Plate (Plate Only): $35



More information on the adjustable damper knobs can be found here:

*NOTE:  All ABS plastic isolators/noise prevention cushions as of 2012-2013 include an inner lip to ensure proper spring seating within the upper spring seat.  If isolator is flat without a lip, your upper spring seat is out-dated and you will need to purchase new ones should you choose to replace the isolator.  When replacing these particular components, please inspect the components of your coilover assembly-- it is your responsibility to inquire about the details of your components. [2013/04/10]


Please contact our sales department for all purchase inquiries.


NOTE:  All replacement items are subject to availability, please check availability with your Megan Racing Sales Associate to check when making the purchase inquiry.  Inquiries by telephone highly recommended.

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